Teiars ac olwynion

Rydymyn gallu cynnig prisiau ardderchog ar deiars i’n holl gwsmeriaid. Allwn werthu a gosod teiars o wahanol wneuthriadau ac maint ar amrhyw o geir ac faniau . Os nad ydi’r teiar ‘rydych eisiau ganddom, yna allwn eu cael oddi fewn 24 awr.
Fel asiant i Wolfrace, allwn gynnig prisiau ardderchog ar olwynion aloi ar gyfer eich cerbyd.
Am fwy o wybodaeth, ffoniwch ni ar 01286 831368, os mynnwch, allwch yrru e-bost i info@blythegarage.co.uk


Wheels and tyres

We are in a position to offer our customers outstanding value for money on all their tyre needs. We can supply and fit tyres to all passenger cars and light vans. We carry a large stock of popular makes and sizes. If the tyre you require is not in stock then we can normally source it within 24 hours. All tyres are fitted and balanced using our own in-house machinery.
Additionally, as agents for Wolfrace, we are in a position to offer you stylish alloy wheels at a very competitive price.
For more information, contact us by phone on 01286831368, alternatively please email us on:- info@blythegarage.co.uk